How to Draw Totoro in 7 Easy Steps (My Neighbor Totoro Drawing)

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We will teach you how to draw Totoro drawing with our easy 7-step-by-step tutorial.  Just grab your art material, and let’s start.

Totoro is a renowned and leading character in the Japanese movie My Neighbour Totoro. He is the guardian of the forest and has different qualities.

So are you ready to draw him with us?

Please stay with us till the end to learn how to draw Totoro drawing.

Step 01: Draw Totoro’s body shape

In the first step, draw the shape of all over his body.


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Step 02: Draw the mustaches

Draw the shape of his mustache, which is three curved lines on both sides


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Step 03: Draw the facial features of Totoro Anime

  • This step required drawing his facial features in which
  • First, draw his big ears
  • Secondly, now draw his eyes
  • In the end, please draw the shape of his big mouth and teeth.


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Step 04: Draw the hand and stomach of little Totoro

  • Draw the shape of both his hands and also draw his claws
  • After that, outline the shape of his stomach


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Step 05: Draw spots

Draw some heart shape spots on his stomach


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Step 06: Draw Totoro claws

Draw the shape of his both foot claws


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Step 07: Fill color in the Totoro drawing

Now add some color to his drawing, as shown in the reference picture.


Finally, the hard work pays off, and our Totoro drawing is completed. We have inserted all the efforts and hard work into this tutorial so that beginners can learn his sketch easily.

If your final image is not as perfect as ours, don’t worry! Might be you have missed any step.

Go back and draw it again and you will get the perfect drawing. Recall the phrase, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’.

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing