How to Draw Gon Freecss drawing in 6 Easy Steps

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We will create Gon Freecss drawing here in this drawing tutorial.

Before this, please look at his character, Gon is the main protagonist in the hunter x hunter series, and his main goal is finding his father, which motivates him to become a hunter.

After knowing about Gon now we will draw his character with our easy-step guide. Just take your art tools, and let’s start

Step 01: Draw Gon’s spiky hair


Step 02: Draw the face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth of Gon Freecss


Step 03: Draw the eye pupil and neck


Also, learn

Step 04: Draw the shape of the dress


Step 05: Sketch Gon’s dress


Step 06-: Fill color in the Gon Freecss drawing