How to Draw Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Drawing in 8 Easy Steps

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In this drawing guide, we are going to learn the most controversial character of Hisoka Morow.

In Hisoka’s drawing, we will learn how to draw his character. Hisoka is the most mysterious character in the Hunter X Hunter anime series. He is also known as Bungee gum-wielding magician.

So are you ready to draw this villain with us?

Just take your art material, and let’s begin.

Note: Are you a person who loves watching videos rather than reading blog posts? or Slow at reading but learns fast via videos?

If yes, then click on this link Hisoka Morow Youtube Tutorial.

Step 01: Draw Hisoka’s spiky hair


Step 02: Draw hair layers


Also, learn

Step 03: Draw the face, eye, and neck of Hisoka Morow Anime


Step 04: Draw ear and teardrop


Step 05: Outline Hisoka’s torso


Step 06: Draw diamond marking and arm


Step 07: Draw Hisoka’s arm ornaments


Step 08: Fill color in the Hisoka drawing


Hisoka Youtube Tutorial