How to Draw Naruto vs Sasuke Drawing in 13 Easy Steps

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We are going to sketch a fighting scene between Naruto and Sasuke today. With our thirteen simplified steps, you will quickly learn how to draw Naruto vs. Sasuke drawing (ナルト対サスケの絵).

As true shinobi rivals, they constantly fight to see who is stronger and which ninja is best in fights.

So it’s goanna so much adventurous to draw this with you all.

So grab your drawing material, and let’s start the most adventurous steps with us.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

Note: Are you a person who loves watching videos rather than reading blog posts? or Slow at reading but learns fast via videos?
If yes, then click on this link Naruto vs Sasuke Youtube Tutorial.

Step 01: Draw Naruto’s hair from the left side

We will start with the drawing of Naruto. Outline the shape of Naruto’s spikey hair.



Step 02: Draw the headband, ear, and jaw of Naruto Uzumaki

Draw the shape of the side pose of his headband and the shape of the ear and jaw.



Step 03: Sketch Naruto’s face

Draw the shape of his nose, mouth, and chin to complete his facial outline



Step 04: Naruto’s eyes, ears, and cheeks drawing

Draw his eye and draw a curve line in his ear and three curved lines on his cheek.



Step 05: Draw a hand

Draw the shape of his hand that is balled up into a fist



Step 06: Draw a weapon and dress of Naruto Uzumaki

Draw the ending circular shape of the kunai, which is his weapon. He holds it in his fist and outlines the shape of his dress in this step.



Step 07: Draw Sasuke’s hair

From this step, we will start drawing the side pose of Sasuke. First, draw his spikey, pointed hair.



Step 08: Draw the face and features of Sasuke Uchiha

  • In this step, you will draw the shape of his nose, mouth, and chin
  • Outline the shape of his eyes.



Step 09: Sketch Sasuke’s dress

Now outline Sasuke’s dress.



Step 10: Draw the collar and arm of Sasuke Uchiha

  • Draw the two curved lines at the neck to prominent his collar
  • At the lower side, draw the two diagonal lines to prominent his arm



Step 11: Draw the hand and sword of Sasuke

  • Draw the shape of his hand, which is balled up into a fist
  • Draw the straight lines, which is the shape of his sword, which he is holding in his fist


Step 12: Sasuke’s Elbow Drawing

Now draw the shape of the elbow, which he bends inside.


Step 13: Fill Colors in the Naruto vs Sasuke Drawing

Now color the picture of Naruto vs. Sasuke drawing to see the final look of your characters.


We finally ended up with an amazing Naruto vs. Sasuke drawing, and we portrayed them very beautifully and artistically.

It was tricky to draw them together, but we made it easy for you with our step-by-step tutorial, and was it not fun to draw their characters? So let us know if you liked these manageable and easy steps of the drawing of Naruto vs. Sasuke.

Also, check our website for more drawing tutorials. Until then,

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!

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