How to Draw Naruto and Jiraiya Drawing in 9 Easy Steps

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Are you ready to get into the world of Naruto? Let’s get started with the Naruto and Jiraiya drawing.

Let’s start this drawing session with our step-by-step drawing guide. Take your art material and start your fun drawing journey with us.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

Note: Are you a person who loves watching videos rather than reading blog posts? or Slow at reading but learns fast via videos?
If yes, then click on this link Naruto and Jiraiya Youtube Tutorial.

Step 01: Draw a headband

In the first step, draw the shape of the headband. Also, draw two horns on the headband.



Step 02: Draw the Naruto symbol and face

Split this step into further sub-steps:

  • Draw the symbol on a headband
  • Outline the shape of his face and ear
  • Add facial features to his face
  • Draw three curved lines on both sides of his cheeks



Step 03: Naruto and Jiraiya Drawing

  • Now in this step, outline the shape of Jiraiya’s hair, headband, and face
  • Draw a symbol on his headband
  • Draw the shape of Jiraiya and Naruto’s body



Step 04: Draw the facial features of Jiraiya Anime

  • Draw his facial features in which you will outline eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Draw two lines under his eyes that will be marked red later.



Step 05: Draw a Naruto dress

Outline the shape of his neck and also draw his dress



Step 06: Draw Jiraiya’s dress and hand and Naruto’s hand

  • In this step, first, draw Jiraiya’s hand and after that, draw the shape of his arm
  • Now draw Naruto’s folded arms



Step 07: Draw a pattern

Outline a pattern on Naruto both wrist



Step 08: Draw Jiraiya’s eye pupil

Draw the shape of his eye pupil



Step 09: Fill Colors in the Naruto and Jiraiya Drawing

Fill in the colors in the character of Jiraiya and Naruto to see the final look of your drawing.


At this phase, we have completed the cool best Naruto drawings.

In our drawing guide, we have shown you how to draw these characters.

With us, you will find out that cool best Naruto drawings are not as difficult as you think.

If you’re stuck in any of the steps, then again, follow the step guide properly because perfection comes with practice, so keep on trying and keep on going and you will get the desired result.

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!

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