How to Draw Tony Tony Chopper Drawing In 7 Easy Steps

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Do you know about Chopper Man in the One Piece series? Let’s get started with the Tony Tony Chopper Drawing without further ado.

Don’t be fooled by seeing his cuteness because his cuteness is his deadliest weapon. Chopper is also known as a cotton candy lover. He is the doctor of the straw hat pirates and also a senior officer of the straw hat grand fleet.

So are you ready to draw chopper drawing with us? Just get your art tools ready and let’s start

Step 01: Draw the Chopper’s Face


Also, learn

Step 02: Draw the eyes, eyebrows, and nose of Tony Tony Chopper


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Step 03: Draw mouth, hat, and cross sign, and also draw Chopper’s antlers on the left side of the hat


Step 04: Draw another antler on the right side of the hat and also draw the body and hands


Step 05: Draw the lower body and draw pincers in the hands


Step 06: Draw the right foot of the Chopper Anime


Step 07: Draw the left foot


Step 07: Fill Color in the Chopper’s Drawing