How to Draw Baji Keisuke Drawing from Tokyo Revengers


Let’s get started with the Keisuke baji drawing. Do you know who Keisuke baji is? It’s a fan-made favorite character and is a commander of the toman; he loves trills and adventures and is a member of Valhalla. So are you eager to draw Keisuke baji drawing? Just take your art material, and let’s begin. … Read more

How to Draw Mikey or Manjiro Sano drawing in 8 Easy Steps


Don’t you want to draw him with us? The wait is over; we are here with amazing simplified Mikey and Manjiro Sano drawing steps for you. Just take your drawing material, and let’s start. Do you know who Mikey is? Well, Mikey is also known as Manjiro Sano. He is a teenage boy with long … Read more