How to Draw Mikey or Manjiro Sano drawing in 8 Easy Steps

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Don’t you want to draw him with us? The wait is over; we are here with amazing simplified Mikey and Manjiro Sano drawing steps for you. Just take your drawing material, and let’s start.

Do you know who Mikey is? Well, Mikey is also known as Manjiro Sano. He is a teenage boy with long blond hair. He is also a founding and strongest member of Tokyo revengers in the anime series.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

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Step 01: Mikey Hair Drawing

Draw the shape of his hair


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Step 02: Draw Strokes

Draw sharp and curved lines to outline his hair strokes.


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Step 03: Draw More Layers

Now add more details to his hair by drawing more layers of sharp hair strokes.


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Step 04: Draw the Eye

Draw the shape of his eye and eyebrow


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Step 05: Draw the Face

Draw the overall shape of his face and also make it prominent by outlining the side shape of his nose, mouth, and chin


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Step 06: Draw a Uniform

Outline the shape of his uniform coat


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Step 07: Draw Curved Lines

To make him more realistic, draw curved lines over his uniform coat.


Step 08: Fill Color in the Tokyo Revengers Mikey Drawing

Now fill the color in Mikey and Manjiro Sano’s Drawing as shown in the reference picture.


In this drawing tutorial, we learned how to draw Mikey and Manjiro Sano’s characters with our easy step-by-step tutorial.

By following our drawing guide, you will become an expert in Mikey and Manjiro Sano’s drawings from the famous anime series.

Always remember that an expert is also a beginner, so keep focusing on your drawing sketches.

Our step-by-step guide is for everyone; it is for beginners as well. You will find our steps amazing and interesting. Let us know if you want to learn any other of your favorite anime characters from us. Until then, see you the next time.

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!