How to Draw Cute Hinata Hyuga Drawing in 7 Easy Steps

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Let’s get started with the Hinata Hyuga Drawing from the famous anime series Naruto.

Who is pretty good-looking Hinata Hyuga? She is the leading female and fan-favorite character and is also popular because of her charming and gentle personality. After knowing about her, let’s move toward the Hinata Hyuga drawing.

Just grab your drawing material, and let’s get started with us for becoming the master of her drawing.

Step 01: Draw the Prettiest Hair of Hinata

First of all, draw her long hair and also draw her bangs in the front.



Step 02: Draw Hair Layers and Accessory

  • Draw more hair layers on her head to give a beautiful and mesmerizing look
  • Also, draw the hair accessory that she is wearing on her head

Step-02 Draw-Hair-Layers-and-Accessory


Step 03: Outline Hinata’s Facial Features, and Neck

  • Sketch the shape of her face and draw the facial features in it
  • Also, draw the shape of her neck
  • In the end, draw the tuft of hair from the right side of her face.



Step 04:  Draw a Head Protector and Hinata Dress Collar

  • Draw the shape of her head protector, which she is wearing on her neck, and also draw a leaf village symbol on it
  • After that, draw the collar of her dress which is a V-shaped



Step 05: Draw a pattern and half side of the dress

  • Draw a criss-cross pattern on her inner shirt
  • Also draw the shape of her left hand, which is covered with her sleeve.



Step 06: Complete Hinata Hyuga Dress

Now outline the shape of her dress from the front side and draw the multiple parallel and curved lines to prominent her dress shape.



Step 07: Fill Color in the Hinata Hyuga Drawing

Add some colors to her drawing, as shown in the picture below.


Finally, you will have your prettiest-looking Hinata Hyuga drawing.

At this stage, the Hinata Hyuga drawing is completed.

We taught and guided you through the basic steps of her drawing so the fans can easily draw her character. We added detail in every step where needed so the final product would come out perfectly.

By following our drawing guide, you will get your own perfect and adorable Hinata Hyuga drawing, so good luck with your sketching and keep practicing it, and you will improve in every trial until then,

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!


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