How To Draw Zabuza Naruto Drawing in 9 Easy Steps

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Are you eager to draw Zabuza Momochi drawing (ざぶざももち描き下ろし) and share your love for the all-time favorite villain of the Naruto character?

Zabuza Momochi is a fierce battler and a water user and also a sword user. Then what are you waiting for?

Just grab your favorite drawing tools and start with me the simple steps of Zabuza drawing.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

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If yes, then click on this link Zabuza Video Tutorial.

Step 1: Zabuza Hair Drawing

First of all, you have to draw Zabuza’s hair. As his hairstyle had a spiky-looking texture, outlined accordingly.



Step 2: Draw the Headband

In this step, draw a Zabuza headband. He used to wear this headband as a forehead protector on his head.



Step 3: Draw the two long strands of the Head Protector

After completing the above two steps now, you will draw Zabuza’s two long strands of head protector



Step 4: Draw a Mask

Now draw his face mask. Remember that he wears bandages as a face mask over the bottom half of his face because he didn’t want to reveal his identity.



Step 5: Draw Zabuza’s Eyes & Eyebrows

In this step, you have to outline Zabuza’s eyes and eyebrows. Also, draw his eyeballs.



Step 6: Sketch Zabuza’s face line

In this step, just outline Zabuza face line



Step 7: Draw the Sides of the Shirt

Now outline the Zabuza shirt



Step 8: Draw the Neckline and Shoulders

In this final step of sketching, draw out the neckline and shoulders to complete the drawing.



Step 09: Fill Colors in the Zabuza Momochi Drawing

Fill in the colors to see the final look of your drawing:

  • Fill the blue color in his hair.
  • Highlight his forehead band and face mask.
  • Fill the color in his costume as well.


Woo-hoo, at last, we completed our Zabuza drawing with an easy steps tutorial. Zabuza is a rogue ninja and he loves to survive like this.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this easy and simple drawing tutorial with me.

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Happy Drawing!

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