How to Draw Naruto Uzumaki Drawing in 9 Easy Steps

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Let’s get started with the Naruto Uzumaki Drawing.

Naruto Uzumaki is the leading character of the Naruto series. He belongs to a hidden leaf village. He grew up as an orphan. Naruto’s parents sacrificed their lives on the day Naruto was born. He is a kind soul and always thinks about the well-being of others.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

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So are you excited to draw his character?

Then take your drawing material, and let’s start Naruto Uzumaki drawing with us.

Step 01: Draw Uzumakiā€™s hair

Draw and outline his spiky blond hair.



Step 02: Draw a headband

Draw his headband’s shape and a metal plate inside.



Step 03: Draw the symbol

Draw the leaf symbol of his village inside the metal plate and the three smallest circles on the right side of his band metal plate.



Step 04: Draw the Face and Ear of Naruto Uzumaki

Outline the shape of his face and ear



Step 05: Draw facial features

  • Draw the shape of his eyes and eyebrows and also outline a small circle in his eyes which will represent his eye pupil.
  • Draw curved lines inside his ear.
  • Outline 3 curved lines on each side of his cheeks.
  • Sketch a curved line with a small dot that shows his nose.
  • Draw the shape of his mouth.



Step 06: Naruto Ear Drawing

Draw the more curved lines connected with the ear



Step 07: Complete the face

In this step, complete the shape of his face by outlining the shape of his chin and jaws.



Step 08: Draw the neck, hair, and dress of the Naruto Anime

  • Draw the shape of his neck and outline his spiky hair at the back of the neck.
  • Outline the shape of his collar by drawing wavy lines.
  • Sketch the shape of his shoulder and dress.



Step 09: Fill color in the Naruto Uzumaki Drawing

Fill color in your final image of Naruto Uzumaki, as shown in the picture below.


Yeah! Finally, we are done with the drawing of Naruto Uzumaki.

As always, we simplified the steps for you so that you can easily follow and make a Naruto Uzumaki drawing.

Tell us in the comment section how you felt while drawing his character.

Did it give you pleasure? Also, share your interest and tell us which other character you want us to teach. Until then,

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!


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