How to Draw Pain Naruto Drawing in 10 Easy Steps

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Today, I will teach you step-by-step easy Pain Naruto drawing (痛みナルトの描画.). Don’t miss any step. So let’s start!

Nagato (Pain Naruto), at one time, was the leader of the Akatuski organization. He was the leading character in the tailed beast sealing ceremony. He had dominant abilities based on six Buddhist paths of reincarnation.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

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If yes, then click on this link Pain Naruto Video Tutorial.

Step 01: Draw Hair of Pain Naruto

First outline Pain Naruto’s spiky hairstyle



Step 02: Nagato Head Protector Drawing

Sketch his head protector, which he wears on his forehead and is the symbol of their pride and a part of their tradition.



Step 03: Draw the Symbol on the Head Protector

Now draw the design on his head protector. The design of his protector is the symbol representing freedom from their respective villages.



Step 04: Draw Face and Hair Ends

In this step, please draw the shape of the face along with his spiky hair ends.



Step 05: Draw Collar and Ears

Outline the shape of his collar and draw his ears



Step 06: Draw a Dress

Outline the shape of his dress or cloak and draw the vertical lines, which are the zipper or a closer line of the cloak



Step 07: Pain Eyes Drawing

Draw the shape of his eyes with an eyebrow line



Step 08: Draw the Mouth and Nose of Pain Nagato

Draw a pierce on his nose and the two dots showing his nostrils. Also, draw the shape of his mouth and lower chin beard.



Step 09: Draw Ears Piercing

Draw several ear piercing on both his ears.



Step 10: Fill Colors in the Pain Naruto Drawing

Finalize your Pain Naruto drawing by filling the color in it as follows:

  • Red and orange color for his hair
  • Grey and white color for his protector
  • Black color for his cloak and red color for its center line


Yahoo, finally, we have completed our Pain Naruto drawing. You might end up with something missing in your final image. Go back to the above steps and match them again with our step-by-step guide. Practice it again and again to master this Pain drawing. See you with the next amazing Naruto drawing; till then

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning!

Happy drawing!

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