How to Draw Madara Uchiha Drawing in 8 Easy Steps

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Today we will teach you the fictional character of the Naruto anime series Madara Uchiha. So let’s get started with the Madara Uchiha Drawing (うちはマダラ イラスト).

He was one of the well-known legendary leaders of the Uchiha clan.

He is an evil individualist, and you will learn how to easily draw Madara Uchiha step by step with us. So get ready with your drawing tools to sketch the legendary leader Madara with us.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

Note: Are you a person who loves watching videos rather than reading blog posts? or Slow at reading but learns fast via videos?
If yes, then click on this link Madara Naruto Youtube Tutorial.

Let’s start!

Step 01: Draw Madara’s Hair

In the first step, draw his big spiky pointed rough looking hair.



Step 02: How to Draw Madara Uchiha Face

Now outline his face. As you see, he has more hair on the left side of his face.



Step 03: Sketch the Facial Features of Madara Uchiha

Divide this step as:

  • First, draw his eyes and eyebrows.
  • Then outline the two dots representing Madara Uchiha’s nose.
  • Now, draw his mouth, which is a curved line.
  • In the end, outline the prominent crease lines near Madara Uchiha’s eyes.



Step 04: Draw Upper Armor

Now in this step, you will draw the upper part of his armor, as in the picture below.



Step 05: Draw the Lower Part

Now outline the shape of his neck and draw Madara Uchiha’s armor from the front.



Step 06: Draw the Right-hand Finger

Sketch the shape of his right hand with two fingers,

  1. Thumb (bent shape)
  2. And the index finger.



Step 07: Draw a Left-hand Finger

Outline his left-hand finger and point out his index finger. Together both index fingers form a triangle. It is the trickiest Naruto hand signal.



Step 08: Fill Colors in the Madara Uchiha Drawing

Now fill colors in the final drawing.

  • Fill the black color in Madara Uchiha’s hair.
  • The maroon color in his armor.
  • Also, fill colors in his dress.


At last! We are done with Madara Uchiha drawing from the Naruto Anime Series. This is what Madara looks like with our step-by-step tutorial. Practice these steps repeatedly to get the exact image as above. Also, share your valuable thoughts about this drawing tutorial of Madara. See you the next time. Until then,

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!


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