How to Draw Natsu Dragneel Drawing in 7 Easy Steps

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In this drawing guide, we will learn Natsu drawing, but before, look at the characteristics of your anime character.

Natsu is the main lead character in the fairy tale series. He is also known as a fire dragon slayer. The dragon raises him, and his impressive techniques make him an extremely competitive and challenging character in the series. So are you ready to draw him? Just take your art material, and let’s start.

Step 01: Draw Natsu’s spiky hair


Step 02: Draw more spikes on his head and also draw the face

Step-02-draw-more-spikes-on his-head-and-also-draw-the-face

Step 03: Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth of Natsu Dragneel


Step 04: Draw the ear, neck, and shape of the scarf


Step 05: Draw multiple lines on the scarf


Step 06: Sketch Natsu’s Dragneel dress


Step 07: Fill color in the Natsu Dragneel drawing