How to Draw Ultra Instinct Goku Drawing in 9 Easy Steps

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We are highly excited that today we will teach you how to draw Goku drawing.

But do you know about him?

Goku is the hero of the Dragon Ball Z series. He has great strength, stamina, and exceptional psychic abilities.

So to draw his iconic character, stay tuned with us till the end and don’t skip any step for getting the perfect drawing. Just take your art material, and let’s start.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

Note: Are you a person who loves watching videos rather than reading blog posts? or Slow at reading but learns fast via videos?
If yes, then click on this link Goku Youtube Tutorial.

Step 01: Draw the Hair

In the first step, draw his spiky black hair, which is pointed from the ends.


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Step 02: Draw the front hair and eyebrows of Dragon Ball Z Goku

Draw his front hair, which is zigzag lines, and then outline the shape of his eyebrows.


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Step 03: Draw Goku’s face and features

  • Draw the shape of his face and ears
  • Draw his eyes, nose, and mouth


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Step 04: Draw the neck

In this step, sketch the shape of Goku’s neck and draw two more curved lines for the details on his neck


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Step 05: Draw Goku’s dress and shoulders

Draw the shape of his dress and the shoulders that are covered under his dress.


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Step 06: Draw lines

Draw multiple lines on his dress to add detailing.


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Step 07: Draw the arm and sleeve

Draw the right side of his arm and the shape of his sleeves on both sides.


Step 08: Draw the other side of the arm

Now draw the left side of Goku’s arm.


Step 09: Fill Color in the Super Saiyan Goku Drawing

Now fill in the color in Goku’s drawing as shown in the reference picture, and you’re all done.


Our step-by-step tutorial on Goku drawing is finally completed. It’s quite tricky to draw him but we made it as easy for you as much as we can.

Our drawing guide will lead your favorite character drawing to the next level, most funnily and easily.

You can also share your thoughts about your favorite characters, and we will do our best to draw them for you with our easy drawing lessons. Be sure to have fun with us while drawing. See you the next time with some other amazing drawing tutorials. Until then,

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!