How to Draw Yuji Itadori Drawing in 7 Easy Steps [Jujutsu Kaisen]

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Let’s get started with the Yuji Itadori Drawing.

Yuji Itadori is one of the interesting and key figures in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a young 15 years old boy blessed with substantial supernatural abilities, which he magnificently blends with his cursed energy.

So are you excited to learn about Yuji Itadori’s drawing after knowing about him?

Let’s take your drawing material, and we’ll be starting together.

Step 01: Draw Yuji’s hair

First of all, draw his short spiky hair.


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Step 02: Draw hair strokes

Draw multiple short zig-zag hair strokes on his head


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Step 03: Draw the face and features of Yuji Itadori

  • In this step, first, outline the shape of his face
  • After that, draw the facial features, which include his eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth


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Step 04: Draw Yuji’s neck and collar

First, draw the shape of his neck and the collar of his hooded jacket.


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Step 05: Draw buttons

Draw two circular shape buttons on the collar of his hooded jacket


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Step 06: Draw a Jacket

  • Sketch the shape of his hooded jacket from the shoulders
  • Draw a button at the top of the left side of his hooded jacket


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Step 07: Fill color in Yuji Itadori’s drawing

Add some colors to Yuji’s drawing, as shown in the picture below.


Ah! The fascinating Yuji Itadori drawing is finally completed.

We are hoping that drawing with us will be a total surprise for fans to learn about Yuji’s character easily within a wink of an eye.

We simplified each step and gave all the necessary details where needed so the beginners could learn and draw it efficiently.

Our drawing tutorial allows the learners to showcase their skills and creativity and draw any anime characters conveniently with us. So keep practicing hard and keep learning with us until then.

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!