How to Draw Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna Drawing in 8 Easy Steps

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Are you excited to draw this hottest demon Sukuna drawing of the Jujutsu Kaisen series with us? Just take your art material, and let’s begin.

Before proceeding further, let’s take a quick look at the intro.

Sukuna is a villain in the Jujutsu kaisen series. He is an extraordinarily skilled and powerful fighter. He is considered the most cursed spirit and is also known as the king of curses.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

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Step 01: Draw Hair

First of all, draw his short spikey hair.


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Step 02: Add detailing

Draw multiple short lines inside his hair to add details to his hair


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Step 03: Draw face and features

  • Draw the shape of his face and also draw his eye and eyebrows
  • Sketch the shape of his nose and mouth
  • In the end, draw marking that stretches all over his face.


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Step 04:  Sukuna Full Body Drawing

Draw a one-sided shape of his body and also draw the markings that stretch all over Sakuna’s body

Step-04 -Sukuna-Full-Body-Drawing

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Step 05: Draw markings

Now draw more markings on his body.


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Step 06: Draw Sukuna’s hand

In this step, you need to draw his hand and his 5 fingers and also draw his big sharp pointed nails.


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Step 07: Draw the tattoo band and lower part of Anime Sukuna

  • Outline the shape of a band on his wrist
  • Draw a circular tattoo on his shoulders and also draw curved lines on his arm
  • Draw the lower part of his body, which is his waist, and it’s probably covered with his dress.


Step 08: Fill Color in the Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna Drawing

Now fill in the colors in Sukuna drawing as shown in the picture below.


Wow, at this point, the amazing Sukuna drawing of the Jujutsu Kaisen series is completed.

Most beginners think it’s hard to draw his character, but with our detailed steps guide, you can easily learn the drawing of his character.

You need to have prior knowledge of drawing and sketching.

The fans of anime characters can easily follow our step-by-step guide and draw it easily because we always bring a unique art style to attract fans.

So if you found this drawing tutorial cool and interesting, let us know and share your idea about which next character you want us to draw for you. Until then, see you the next time.

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing.