How to Draw Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Drawing in 6 Easy Steps

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Let’s get started with the Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Drawing.

Kaneki Ken is the leading central character of the Tokyo ghoul anime series. He is a simple university student, and soon things got changed when he met a girl named Rize, who transplanted him into a one-eyed ghoul. So don’t you want to draw this one-eyed ghoul with us?

Just take your art material, and let’s begin!

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Step 01: Draw Kaneki’s Hair and Ear

  • First, draw his short hair, which is zig zag bangs from the forehead.
  • After that, draw the shape of his ear, which is covered under his short hair.


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Step 02: Draw Strokes

Draw more hair strokes on his head


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Step 03: Outline the Facial Features of Kaneki Ken

  • Draw his left eye and also sketch his eye patch, which covers his right eye
  • Sketch the shape of his nose and mouth
  • Draw a curved line in his ear


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Step 04: Draw the Neck, Shoulder, and Left arm

  • Draw the shape of his neck
  • Also, draw the shape of his right side shoulder
  • At last, draw the shape of his left arm


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Step 05: Draw the Dress and Right Arm

  • Now draw the shape of his dress and also draw the shape of his arm.
  • Draw a design on his dress


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Step 06: Fill Colors in Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Drawing

In the final step, fill the color in his character as shown in the picture below, and you’re all done with your Tokyo drawing.


Now, this is the final look of your Kaneki ken drawing.

In this drawing article, we taught you Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Drawing, and we are wholeheartedly hoping that you have understood our drawing steps.

With our drawing guide, you can draw any anime character easily because the steps are detailed and simplified, and anyone can easily follow it and safely draw it.

Let us know which next character you want us to draw for you so we can create more anime characters. Until then,

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!

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