How to Draw Kyojuro Rengoku Drawing in 8 Easy Steps

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Our drawing guide will walk through every step and give you a necessary description so you face no difficulty while drawing with us. Let’s get ready to dive into Kyojuro Rengoku drawing and start a fun-filling drawing journey with us.

Before proceeding further, let’s talk about the charismatic character of Kyujuro Rengoku (The Major Supporting Character of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba.

He has a strong, powerful, good character and is an incredible swordsman. He also recognizes because of his speed reflexes but, most importantly, unbeatable willpower.

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Step 01: Rengoku Hair Drawing

In the first step, draw his unique wild hair, which is spiky from the top.


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Step 02: Draw the layer

Draw one more layer of his wild spiky hair


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Step 03: Draw his back layer

Now draw the back layer of his hair, which is spikey from the ends, and reach down to his back.


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Step 04: Draw Kyujuro Rengoku’s face and eyes

Draw the shape of his face and also draw the shape of his big beautiful eyes along with eyebrows


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Step 05: Draw features

Now draw his eye pupil and the shape of his nose and mouth.


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Step 06: Draw his back

Draw the shape of his back, which is covered with Kyujuro Rengoku’s signature cloak


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Step 07: Draw a rectangle

This step requires you to draw a rectangular shape around his picture to perfectly frame his character, as shown in the reference picture below.


Step 08: Fill colors in the Kyojuro Rengoku Drawing

Fill in some colors in his drawing, as shown in the picture below.


Ahhh! You have just completed the Kyojuro Rengoku Drawing, and now your sketch is ready for display. We have tried to teach easy and simplified tutorials, and we hope it will be helpful for you while drawing the Kyojuro Rengoku character. Until then, see you the next time with another amazing drawing tutorial.

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Happy drawing!