How to Draw Baji Keisuke Drawing from Tokyo Revengers

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Let’s get started with the Keisuke baji drawing.

Do you know who Keisuke baji is? It’s a fan-made favorite character and is a commander of the toman; he loves trills and adventures and is a member of Valhalla.

So are you eager to draw Keisuke baji drawing? Just take your art material, and let’s begin.

Step 01: Baji Hair Drawing

In the first step, outline the shape of his long shoulder-length hair.


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Step 02: Draw wavy layers, face, and features

  • First, draw more short wavy layers of hair on his head
  • Secondly, draw his forehead and nose shape
  • In the end, draw his eye, eyebrow, and mouth shape.


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Step 03: Draw Baji’s jacket lace

Draw the shape of his jacket lace


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Step 04:  Draw Baji’s jacket

Outline the shape of his white bomber jacket, also prominent his shoulder and left-hand sleeve


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Step 05: Add more lines

Draw more intersecting and parallel lines to prominent the shape of his jacket


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Step 06: Complete the face of Baji Keisuke

Now draw the remaining part of his face, sketch the shape of his mouth, chin, jawline, and prominent neck.


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Step 07: Fill Color in the Keisuke Baji drawing

In the final step, you all need to fill in the color of your anime character, as shown in the picture below.


Wahoo! Please look at your Keisuke baji drawing and see what he looks like after completing his drawing.

To teach this thrill-loving character is so much entertaining for us.

Our step-by-step tutorial has focused on every single and minor detail of his character so the fans can easily draw him.

While drawing with us, we keep your curiosity fresh till the end so you can focus on every step and become a master in it. So keep focusing and keep practicing until then.

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!