How to Draw Eren Yeager Drawing from Attack on Titan

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Let’s get started with the Eren Yeager Drawing.

Eren is a fictional character in the Attack of Titan. It is the most controversial character because he is a protagonist and antagonist simultaneously, which tells us how complex his character is, and we are going to draw his complex character with our simplified steps.

Take your art material, and let’s start with us.

Step 01: Draw Eren hair and ear

  • First, draw the shape of his hair and the shape of a half bun tied back on his head.
  • Now draw the shape of his left ear.


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Step 02: Draw the facial features of Eren Titan

  • Draw the Eren facial features
  • First, draw his eyes and eyebrows
  • Secondly, draw his nose
  • In the end, draw his mouth


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Step 03: Draw face and clothing

Outline the shape of his face and also draw the shape of his green cape jacket


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Step 04: Draw Eren’s neck and inner Shirt

Outline the shape of Eren’s neck and also draw the V-shaped collar of his medieval Shirt, which he wears inside a jacket


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Step 05: Draw the criss-cross line

Draw the criss-cross line on the collar of his medieval Shirt


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Step 06: Draw lines

Draw some lines on his inner Shirt to highlight his clothing


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Step 07: Fill colors in the Eren Yeager Drawing

Now fill in some color in Eren’s drawing as shown in the reference picture.


You have successfully completed Eren’s sketch at this phase with our easy step-by-step Eren drawing guide.

The detailing we give in each step will enhance your learning skills to draw any character.

Eren’s character is unique and fun to draw, and we provided you with the best step-by-step guide.

In each step, we gave you tips and techniques about his eyes, hair, and clothing, so that you can draw your iconic Eren drawing with us conveniently. Keep focusing on his drawing and keep practicing. Until then

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!