How To Draw Shoto Todoroki Drawing Easily (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Let’s get started with the Shoto Todoroki drawing outline but before proceeding further let’s take a quick glimpse at the persona of the character.

Shoto Todoroki is a character from Japanese series. He has an interesting and powerful character. He has an ability that his half body is ice and half fire, and he well mixed this power and became an interesting character in the show.

So are you ready to draw Shoto Todoroki drawing with us? Just take your art material, and let’s get started.

Step 01: Todoroki Hair Drawing

First of all, outline half part of his hair


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Step 02: Draw bangs and the face of Cute Todoroki

  • Draw the shape of his bangs which falls on his eyebrows
  • Also, draw the shape of his face and eyebrows


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Step 03: Draw Todoroki’s facial features

  • First, draw his eyes
  • After that, draw the shape of his nose and mouth


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Step 04: Draw the eye scar and his dress

  • Draw a curved line on his left eye, which indicates his burn scar
  • Outline the shape of his dress


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Step 05: Draw a cat

  • Draw the shape of his cat’s body and also draw his cat’s eyes and mouth
  • Draw two circular circles on his cat both eyes, which indicates the sunglasses


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Step 06: Draw lines

Draw multiple lines on Todoroki cat’s face corners to prominent the face


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Step 07: Draw sleeves and hand

Draw the shape of his sleeves and also draw the shape of his bend hand in which he is holding his cat


Step 08: Fill color in the Shoto Todoroki Drawing

Now do the coloring in Shoto Todoroki’s drawing and see the final result.


Yeah, it’s time for cheers because we have successfully drawn the Shoto Todoroki drawing. It is the final look of his character for what we are looking for. Are you enjoying his drawing with us?

You can also portray Todoroki drawing in different designs. Keep practicing and be confident about your artistic skills.

If you are stuck between any steps, follow the guide again properly; there are so many different ways to draw him easily. So keep following us, and we will be back soon with another new bunch of anime character drawings. Until then

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!