How to Draw Ninja Hattori Drawing in 7 Easy Steps

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Are you guys excited to draw Ninja Hattori drawing with us?

Then what are you waiting for?

But wait, wait, wait!

Do you know who Ninja Hattori is? He is the leading character in the anime series and is also known as a skilled ninja from the Iga Mountains. Take your drawing material, and let’s start this drawing tutorial with us without skipping any step.

Step 01: Draw Hattori’s head and face

First of all, draw the shape of his head and face


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Step 02: Draw the facial features of Kanzo Hattori

  • Draw the shape of his eyes and nose, which is a circle shape
  • After that, draw the shape of his mouth
  • Then, outline the spirals at the corner of his mouth on both sides.


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Step 03: Draw his neck, hand, and dress

  • In this step, you must draw his neck and the crisscross lines in the neck area.
  • Secondly, draw his right hand and the crisscross lines at the end of his hand.
  • At last, draw his sword, which is shown behind the back of his hand.


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Step 04: Draw a Hattori dress and hand

  • Draw Hattori’s dress
  • Draw his right hand and also outline the crisscross lines at the end of his hand
  • Now, outline the ending part of his sword, shown on the right side of his tummy area.


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Step 05: Sketch Ninja Hattori bow and slipper

  • Draw a bow on the stomach of Ninja Hattori
  • After that sketch, the shape of his right leg slipper


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Step 06: Draw his right leg slipper

At last, draw the shape of his right slipper


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Step 07: Fill colors in the Ninja Hattori drawing

Finally, you will add some colors to his drawing, as shown in the picture below


Aha! Our most famous anime character Ninja Hattori drawing is completed, and we feel overwhelmed drawing his character because he is always a kid’s favorite character.

With our step-by-step drawing guide, you can easily draw his character, especially the kids, because kids love him a lot, and with our drawing guide, they can easily draw it without any struggle.

We hope that you enjoyed the fun filling drawing journey with us while drawing this little ninja Hattori. Umm, so also tell us which next anime character you want us to create for you. See you next time.

Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning,

Happy drawing!