How to Draw Hidan Akatsuki Drawing in 14 Easy Steps

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If you’re willing to learn Hidan Naruto drawing (飛段ナルトの描き方) step by step, this tutorial is for you.

Hidan’s character is a part of the Naruto and Anime series. He was a lost ninja who defected from Yugakure and joined the Akatsuki. Hidan belongs to the Land of Hot Water, so if you have a thirst to draw Hidan drawing, grab your best art materials to start learning with us.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

Note: Are you a person who loves watching videos rather than reading blog posts? or Slow at reading but learns fast via videos?
If yes, then click on this link Hidan Akatsuki Video Tutorial.

Step 1: Draw a Head Shape of Hidan Akatsuki

First, draw Hidan’s head shape



Step 2: Hidan Hair Drawing

In the second step, outline Hidan’s hair, which is spiky from the ends.



Step 3: Draw Ears

Now, you will sketch Hidan’s ears.



Step 4: Draw the Eyes, Nose, and Lips of Hidan Naruto

In this step, sketch Hidan’s eyes along with his eyebrows, nose, and the two dashes indicating his nostrils and, in the last, outline, his lipline.



Step 5: Draw a Face line

Outline the Hidan’s face line



Step 06: Sketch the Neckline of Hidan Akatsuki

Now draw his neck, comprising of 2 simple adjacent lines.

Step-6-Sketch-the-Neckline -of-Hidan-Akatsuki


Step 07: Draw a Forehead Protector that is around his Neck

Sketch the Hidan’s neck protector. Hidan is the only character that wears his head protector around his neck rather than his forehead.


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Step 08: Draw a Cut on his Protector

Now sketch out the cut that is shown on his protector. The cut on the protector indicates that he is a nuke or a missing ninja.



Step 09: Draw a Cloak

Now draw the shape of the cloak flowing from under the head. Outline the shape of the top part of the cloak.



Step 10: Draw Shoulders

In this step, outline Hidan’s shoulders from both sides.



Step 11: Draw the Hidan Blade

Outline the blade that he carries on his back


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Step 12: Draw a Necklace

Next, outline the necklace that he wore along with his protector.

Step-12-Draw-a -Necklace

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Step 13: Draw Curvy Lines

Draw curvy lines on the Hidan blade, which he is wearing on his back


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Step 14: Fill Colors in the Hidan Akatsuki Drawing

Now fill in the colors to see your final result of Hidan’s drawing

  • Fill color in his cloak
  • Fill the color in his hair
  • Highlight his protector and blade as well


If you want perfection in your Hidan drawing, then make sure to practice it again and again, and don’t skip any single step.

Hope you like our today’s tutorial on Hidan’s drawing.

Keep us updated on what’s next character you want us to draw. And yes, don’t forget to visit our other drawing tutorial on our website, letsdrawanime. Until then, keep up the love for Anime.

Happy learning!

Happy drawing!

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