How to Draw Lady Tsunade Drawing in 11 Easy Steps

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Learning easy drawings of anime characters is the first wish of all anime lovers like me. In this tutorial, I will teach you short yet easy Tsunade Drawing (綱手様の描き方). So, let’s learn Tsunade’s easy drawing with me in a few minutes.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

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Step 1: Tsunade Hair Drawing

As always, we will start drawing our character by sketching the hair first. Tsunade had long straight blonde hair.



Step 2: Draw the Face-Line of Tsunade Senju

Outline her face line. Simply join both end meet.



Step 3: Draw Shoulders

Now sketch the shoulder line. These lines will also contribute to the dress outline.



Step 4: Sketch Tsunade dress

Outline the lining of Tsunade’s dress (the Haori that she wore over a grey sleeveless blouse)



Step 5: Draw Neck-line

Now sketch the neckline of Tsunade’s Dress.



Step 6: Draw Curves on Neck

Simply outline two curves on her neck.



Step 7: How to Draw Tsunade Eyes

In this step, first outline her eyebrows and then her eye sockets lining. Also, add minor eyelashes to both eyes.



Step 8: Draw Lips And Nose

Now, Sketch her lips and nose. The nose is comprised of simply two dots representing her nostrils.



Step 9: Draw Eyeballs and Forehead Sign

Split this step into two sub-steps:

  1. First, outline her eyeballs comprising of small circles.
  2. Secondly, sketch her diamond shape forehead symbol.



Step 10: Enhance Hair

Enhance Tsunade’s Hair from the center. Simply outline multiple lines.



Step 11: Fill Colours in the Tsunade Drawing

  • Fill grass green color in her Haori.
  • Grey color in her sleeves blouse
  • Black color in the lining of Haori.
  • Blonde in her hair.
  • Purple color in Tsunade’s forehead sign.
  • Brown color in her eyes.


Yeah! We are done with a Tsunade drawing.

Did you enjoy this step-by-step easy drawing tutorial with me?

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