How to Draw Obito Uchiha Drawing in 8 Easy Steps

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Today, we are here to teach you Obito Uchiha drawing (うちはオビトの描き方) with our helpful tips and tricks.

The life of Obito, from being a boy full of life to a dangerous criminal, saddened our hearts. No one from us could disagree that Obito deserved the world in a silver tray, but he got a disdainful tragic end instead.

Before starting the step-by-step drawing guide, look at this quick glimpse of the drawing and make an idea of the whole trajectory.

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Let’s start!

Step 01: Draw the Hair of Obito Uchiha Naruto

First, draw Obito’s hair which is short and spiky.



Step 02: Draw Facial Features and Scars

In this step, you will draw the following:

  • Draw his closed eyes along with eyebrows.
  • Draw the shape of the nose and the two dots representing his nostrils.
  • Draw his lips.
  • Draw his scars which are on the left side of Obito’s face.



Step 03: Draw the Face line and Ears of Obito Uchiha

In this step, you will draw the face’s shape and his ears.



Step 04: Draw his Dress and Hand

  • Outline his right hand, which is bent towards the shoulders back.
  • Sketch his collar and the sleeveless cut on the right side.



Step 05: Draw the Belt

Draw a wide belt on his dress which Obito is wearing on his waist.



Step 06: Draw the Lower part

In this step, Outline the lower part of the dress in the same position as shown in the picture below.



Step 07: Draw the Left hand

Draw the shape of his left hand



Step 09: Fill Colors in the Obito Uchiha Drawing

Now to see the final picture, fill colors in the Obito drawing


Yeah, finally, our Obito drawing is ready. We have done the Obito Uchiha drawing by following the above step-by-step tutorial.

It’s fun to draw an Obito character with our easy step-by-step guide. We hope you liked our drawing tutorial, and it would greatly help you teach the perfect character image of Obito.

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Keep up the love for Anime!

Happy learning!

Happy drawing!


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